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Creature Comfort Inn Boarding Kennel
Kennel Tour

Becky and Amanda are very proud of the Creature Comfort Inn Boarding Kennel and welcome every opportunity to show it off.
This page has several pictures, please give it time to load.

The grounds at the Creature Comfort Inn are maintained by the family to create an inviting atmosphere for our guests and their humans. 


When you enter the reception area, you will be greeted by a friendly and caring staff, and both you and your pets will be made to feel welcome.


Electronic surveillance/monitoring provides added security to the facility.


The spacious kennel area is cleaned daily to eliminate odors and help keep the guests happy and clean. 


Each run is set up with a rubber fatigue mat and a blanket to provide comfort to the dogs and keep them off the concrete floor.  We provide stainless steel food and water dishes. Owners are encouraged to bring their dogs' beds, toys, and whatever else they feel will make their pet feel more comfortable.  (Sorry, no waterbeds, please.)


The ten (10) large suites added in 2004 will easily accommodate 2 or 3 large dogs whose owners want them housed together.  Kennel Decks and blankets are provided for each dog in the suite. Owners may provide additional bedding for their dogs if they feel so inclined.


Oral and topical medications are given at no extra charge. We do not routinely give injectible meds.  If your pet needs injections, they are probably better off staying with their veterinarian.

While we keep an assortment of pet foods on hand, we recommend that pet owners bring their pet's own food.  Changing a pet's diet abruptly, especially dogs, can cause an upset stomach and/or diarrhea. Plastic bins are provided to keep the pets' food and treats separate, dry, and safe.


Dogs are exercised three or four times daily, in the large enclosed grassy area adjacent to the outside runs. The dogs are allowed to run around in this safe, secure area, off leash to get exercise and fresh air, and to "take care of their business".  This helps keep the inside of the kennel cleaner and the dogs happier and healthier.  The animals are always supervised while they are outside.  For safety reasons we do not allow "play time" with dogs from other families unless those dogs are already familiar with and are friends of some of our other guests. 


Last on this list, but certainly not in the hearts of our feline community we have a separate room for our feline guests.  As the picture below shows, there are 2 large enclosures for a very large cat or for multiple cats.  Above these large enclosures are 4 standard ones for the average sized cat.